Episode 123

Everything Burrito (Adventure Time)

NOTE: we disassembled the Everything Burrito afterwards and saved about 80% of the food. Secret fact, a lot of the 20% we threw away was actually food that had gone bad OR was about to at the grocery mart.

The Everything Burrito

2 eggs over hard
1 carton of milk
2 strips of bacon
Spaghetto and meatball
One green cup
One spatula
One stovetop pan
Two sandwiches (green lettuce in the middle)
One carton of eggs
Glass of milk with bendy straw
Two grapefruits
An uncut loaf of bread
One apple
One eggplant
One rotisserie chicken
One pink donut
One pretzel (large size)
One bowl of cheerios
One pineapple
Hotdog in bun with mustard
One banana
One pumpkin
Lemon wedge
One carrot
One slice of pumpkin pie
One waffle with butter
Cotton Candy
One tomato
Lots of beans
Big chunk of meat with bone in the middle
A strawberry shortcake
A bunch of pancakes
French fries
One hamburger
Two tacos
Chinese takeout noodles with chopsticks

Place your tortillas on a large flat surface. Layer them so they overlap each other. To glue them together, use melted cheese or your beans.

Start placing every single ingredient on the tortilla. Here is a reference image.

It will be extremely difficult to build the entire burrito without some other objects helping you stabilize your gigantic mound of everything, so don’t be discouraged when your tower can only get so high!

To wrap it up, try your best to flatten out the ingredients and slowly roll the tortilla up. As soon as you can get one side of the tortilla over, tuck it under and keep rolling, Fold in the sides when you get halfway and voila, you’ve got one huge burrito.