VGHS:S2 – Week One

Video Game High School Season Two began principal photography on Wednesday, February 6th at the YouTube Stages in Playa Vista. The first week of photography consisted of hallway and dorm room setups.

As in the previous season, we’re saving all our action sequences for the end of the shoot. We do this for a number of reasons, the primary of which is action scenes have a slight risk of injury to the actor, and we want to avoid the risk of having an actor sprain an ankle or something and need to halt production before dialogue sequences are shot.

The first week also did not have Ellary Porterfield on set, as she is out of country shooting a feature film. She’ll be playing in Week 2. Schedule-wise, this meant we needed to focus on the Brian/Ted and Brian/Jenny scenes first off. The first week had a couple of major dramatic scenes for the actors, but luckily, since Josh and Johanna were already familiar with their characters, those scenes were not challenging to shoot.

As you might have noticed in some of the BTS videos leading up to this, we were shooting with the hallways not being 100% finished yet. In order to maximize our schedule, the entire “dorm room” set was still being finished as we were shooting, with portions that would be seen on camera set as a higher priority. The dorm room set should be completely finished by Week 2.

Week 1 also saw us revisiting the FPS Classroom set at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in their Stage 2 Hangar. We wished to change the look of the room and did so by rotating our set 90 degrees from the first season and using partitions to suggest a smaller space.