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Get your face on screen in Dimension 404

Posted by Daniel Otero on 07/23/2016

Enter Dimension 404


UPDATE: Thanks for all of your submissions! We’re all set for now, and have added any extra names to our wait list.

If you were waiting for your opportunity to be in Dimension 404, our upcoming Hulu Original show, this is it! We want people from our community in the show, so if you’re available let us know ASAP!

When: This Tuesday 7/26/2016
Where: Near Anaheim, CA.
Details: You must be 18+, it’s non-paid and will most likely be a full 8 HR day. It will be a crowd scene, so we’ll all get to hang out together while Matt and Freddie do their magic! We’ll be able to provide more information, specific address, wardrobe and timing, when you RSVP.

If you’re interested email email.us@rocketjump.com with the subject line: D404 BGS [your name here].

First come first served, so get it while it’s hot! Look forward to seeing you in person soon.

-The RocketJump Team

P.S. To learn a bit more about the show, watch our intro video.