FreddieW (Legacy)
Season 2010 - Episode 15

Rollercoaster Day 2010

If your timing is right, just about any theme park that’s open on a weekday after Spring Break and before schools let out for summer is an AWESOME theme park with NO LINES. Seriously, the longest we waited for a ride was about 3 minutes, and often times you can just stay on the ride and ride it until you puke.

Forget your job or school, man – you only live once. Call in sick, say you have a stomach flu, or something. You’ll be rewarded with nothing but bored employees and an empty park! And a creepy statue that looks a lot like me.

We’re doing this again next year, and also we’re going to be going to tons of midnight screenings, so if you’re in LA, follow¬†¬†to be notified!

We had a little fun with an interactive end bumper. Totally lame or totally awesome? Let me know what you think in the comments below.