RocketJump’s Next Show (Not “The Show”; the NEW Show): Dimension 404

Over the last two years, Will Campos (co-creator, lead writer), David Welch (exec. producer, writer), Dan Johnson (exec. producer, writer) and myself, Dez Dolly (showrunner, director) and the RocketJump team have been secretly hard at work developing our scripted followup to VGHS.

And now, after all that time writing and planning, we can finally talk about it! RocketJump is pleased (and freakin’ amped) to announce our new sci-fi anthology series: Dimension 404.

Ever get creeped out by poking around the internet at 3 am, stumbling onto the weird side of the web? Seeing strange and sometimes impossible sights, discovering stories that can’t possibly be true… or could they? Out of that inspiration, Dimension 404 was born.

We’ve let our imaginations run wild to create a show that takes you on an incredible journey through the sci-fi genre. What if an obscure cartoon held the secret to time travel? What if energy drinks caused the apocalypse? What if the NSA’s top analyst was a gigantic, all-knowing cube of sentient meat named Bob? From mind-bending action-adventure to outrageous horror-comedy, we are pleased to say Dimension 404 has a bit of it all!

We’ve already begun pre-production, and in April, the cameras roll on quite possibly six of the most insane, fantastic, and fun hours of television you’ve ever seen. This’ll be the biggest project we’ve undertaken yet, and have our partners at Hulu and Lionsgate to thank for making this insane dream a reality – take a gander at the official press release below:

The Wrap: Hulu Orders Sci-Fi Anthology Series from RocketJump Team

That’s all for now, but stay tuned to for production updates!

-Dez Dolly (@dezdolly)