VGHS:S2 – Week Two

Our second week of production for Video Game High School: Season 2 introduces us to a number of new characters, and is the first week some old favorites play – including the Drift King.

Ted’s drifting sideplot is significantly bigger than Season One, due to the new tv-length episodes, which allows us to flesh out the side plots. The drifters butt heads with a new game type that we’re introducing in this season as well – kart racers, who play a derivative of Mario Kart (think cartoony, but Looney Tunes ACME missiles as opposed to red and green shells).

This week also marked our first week off the stages for a day at Willow Street studios for some on-location shooting for the secret kart racer hangout as well as a hidden drift room where DK introduces us to a mythical variant of Overdrift…

Week two also sees our first scene with Harley, from Epic Meal Time, who returns as the headmaster of the school (and is given way more screentime!) We also get some time with Shotbot, who is at VGHS in disguise.