The Official VGHS GIF Contest



Class is about to get back in session, and we here at Rocket Jump are excited to announce the official VGHS Season 2 GIF CONTEST! We’ve partnered with Nutmeg so you might WIN a chance to have a Google hangout with Freddiew and the cast and crew of VGHS! Here are the details:

– Each week a new episode of VGHS Season 2 premieres, contestants will get the chance to submit their own fan-made GIFs to enter the contest.

– Send all official submissions to

– GIFs can be as long or as short as you want as long as they are under 2 megabytes. Feel free to add your own text, cut scenes together, or even put in sunglasses! Go crazy.

– Each week we will choose SIX winners from the entry pool and share your sweet content with the world over Freddie’s Twitter and our Tumblr! You might also win some brand new VGHS Season 2 merchandise!

– At the end of the six weeks, one GRAND PRIZE winner will be announced to have an exclusive Google Hangout with Freddie and the cast and crew of VGHS.

– 2nd and 3rd place winners will also be rewarded with awesome signed Rocket Jump / VGHS Season 2 merchandise,

The contest starts TODAY! Since Episode 1 isn’t out yet, we challenge you to make the best animated GIFs from Season 1 and send it in to (if you’ve made GIFs in the past they are totally eligible for the contest!)

Can’t wait to see your submissions-

The Rocketjump Team


Psst! Need to learn how to make sweet GIFs? Check these helpful links out: – YouTube tutorial -HowTo with Photoshop – a YouTube to GIF converter